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2 edition of Stereograms for the determination of plagioclase feldspars in random sections found in the catalog.

Stereograms for the determination of plagioclase feldspars in random sections

W. Nieuwenkamp

Stereograms for the determination of plagioclase feldspars in random sections

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    Statementby W. Nieuwenkamp.
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    ┗ A bluish-green feldspar mineral is called amazonite. ┗ Albite is an example of a feldspar that can be considered both, alkali as well as plagioclase. Uses of Feldspar ┗ Feldspar contains alumina, which results in an increase in the strength of the manufactured product. Therefore, this mineral is used in glass-making.

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Stereograms for the determination of plagioclase feldspars in random sections by W. Nieuwenkamp Download PDF EPUB FB2

Stereograms for the determination of plagioclase feldspars in random sections [Nieuwenkamp, W] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Stereograms for the determination of plagioclase feldspars in random sectionsAuthor: W Nieuwenkamp.

Additional Physical Format: Online version: Nieuwenkamp, W. Stereograms for the determination of plagioclase feldspars in random sections. New York, Utrecht, Spectrum, Get this from a library.

Stereograms for the determination of plagioclase feldspars in random sections. [W Nieuwenkamp]. Stereograms for the determination of plagioclase feldspars in random sections.

(New York, Spectrum, ), by W Nieuwenkamp (page images at HathiTrust) Manual of qualitative blowpipe analysis and determinative mineralogy, (New York, Scientific Pub.

Co., [c]), by Frederick Miller Endlich (page images at HathiTrust). Stereograms for the determination of Plagioclase Feldspars in Random Sections by Nieuwenkamp, W and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Plagioclase is a series of tectosilicate (framework silicate) minerals within the feldspar group.

Rather than referring to a particular mineral with a specific chemical composition, plagioclase is a continuous solid solution series, more properly known as the plagioclase feldspar series (from the Ancient Greek for "oblique fracture", in reference to its two cleavage angles).Category: Feldspar mineral group, tectosilicate.

One Al leaves one bond for Na or K to fill. Two Al's leaves two bonds for Ca to fill. So there are two different mixtures that are possible in the feldspars, a sodium-potassium series and a sodium-calcium series.

The first is alkali feldspar and the second is plagioclase : Andrew Alden. Feldspars (K Al Si 3 O 8 – Na Al Si 3 O 8 – Ca Al 2 Si 2 O 8) are a group of rock-forming tectosilicate minerals that make up about 41% of the Earth's continental crust by weight.

Feldspars crystallize from magma as veins in both intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks and are also present in many types of metamorphic rock. Rock formed almost entirely of calcic Category: Tectosilicate. Feldspar - Feldspar - Identification of specific feldspars: Alkali feldspars can often be distinguished from plagioclase feldspars because most grains of the latter exhibit albite twinning (see above Crystal structure), which is manifested by parallel lines on certain cleavage surfaces, whereas grains of alkali feldspars do not.

This criterion is not, however, absolute; some plagioclase. Plagioclase occurs as an important constituent Stereograms for the determination of plagioclase feldspars in random sections book igneous and metamorphic rocks throughout the Upper Midwest.

Concentrated plagioclase deposits are found in north-central Minnesota, as well as the northeast corner of Minnesota bordering Canada and North Dakota. Together with potassium feldspars, the plagioclase minerals form the bulk of the.

Ferrous and ferric iron concentrations in feldspars with low total iron content (Cited by: According to the reference table, what is the approximate percentage of plagioclase feldspar in igneous diorite. 60% True or False - Basalt and granite would probably be separated by a zone of metamorphic rock.

Dickson, F.W. () Growth of K-feldspars and plagioclase by replacement processes in Stereograms for the determination of plagioclase feldspars in random sections book of the Papoose Flat pluton and in country rocks, Inyo Mountains, California.

Geological Society of America Special PapersAbstract for   The melting phenomena of the plagioclase feldspars. The first page of the PDF of this article appears by: Alex Strekeisen - I vetrini della mia fantasia.

Plagioclase - NaAlSi 3 O CaAl 2 Si 2 O 8 The plagioclase feldspars are a complete solid solution series between Ab and An, and can contain small amounts of the or component.

Plagioclase feldspars are even more abundant than the alkali species and are found in many igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Crystallization of plagioclase from a melt or molten rock magma has been studied in detail. As the melt cools, the feldspar that forms is richer in calcium than the melt itself.

On further cooling, feldspar that is richer in. The Plagioclase Feldspars. The most notable additions in this edition include the sections dealing with imperfections, the phase rule, phase equilibrium diagrams, Pauling's rules, optical.

Feldspar - Feldspar - Crystal structure: Sanidine and orthoclase are monoclinic or nearly so; the plagioclase feldspars are triclinic.

All, however, have the same fundamental structure: it consists of a continuous, negatively charged, three-dimensional framework that is made up of corner-sharing SiO4 and AlO4 tetrahedrons (each tetrahedron consists of a central silicon or.

Plagioclase feldspars give a main diffraction peak, which is also composite, at about 28~ For low albite the main peak at ~ is accompanied by a peak at ~ which is only a third of the intensity of the former. Differentiation from K-feldspars is thus possible. Plagioclase feldspars other than pure sodium feldspar are thus stained a brick red by barium rhodizonate.

This procedure is combined with the cobaltinitrite staining of K-feldspar to stain K-feldspar yellow and plagioclase red on polished rock surfaces and uncovered thin sections.

Feldspars lie along one of two solid-solution series, the plagioclase feldspars and the alkali or potassium feldspars. All of them are based on the silica group, consisting of silicon atoms surrounded by four oxygens.

In the feldspars, the silica groups form rigid three-dimensional interlocking : Andrew Alden. Plagioclase Feldspar Mineral Presentation University of Minnesota, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Dr.

Kent Kirkby. Funded in part by FIPSE. NASA Over half the Earth’s crust is composed of a single group of minerals known as the feldspars.

Introduction to Feldspar - * Feldspars are the most abundant minerals in the earth's crust. They constitute about 2/3rd of the igneous rocks. * They are a group of rock-forming tectosillicate minerals that make up 51% of the earth's crust. * The w. Feldspar gets its name from the German word "Feldspath" and related to the German word for rock.

Feldspar, sometimes written as felspar, is the name for a group of silicate minerals that makes up the greatest percentage (almost 60%) of minerals found in the Earth's surface (in fact, if the entire composition of the earth's crust were regarded as a single mineral, it would calculate.

The miscibility of Ca-plagioclase with K-feldspar is quite poor while albite (Na-plagiocalse) can contain some more K-feldspar component. More about miscibility and origin of feldspars here. The miscibility strongly depends also on temperature. Also. Plagioclase is the most common feldspar, and occurs in igneous, metamorphic, and as (uncommon) detrital grains in sedimentary rocks.

Plagioclase feldspar may be mistaken for orthoclase feldspars, but orthoclase typically varies in color from white to pink and lacks the fine striations that plagioclase feldspars have. Staining of thin sections for plagioclase and alkali feldspar has not become a universally applied petrographic tool, probably due to difficulties encountered in effectively staining plagioclase.

Modifications of standard techniques are described for rapidly producing stained thin sections of Cited by: plagioclase is white and quartz vermicules are gray.

Discussion The colors in the photomicrographs (Figs. 5) are not the fluorescent colors of K, Ca, or Na because these elements do not fluoresce with these colors. The colors represent fluorescence of trace elements associated with the K, Ca, and Na in the by: 2.

Alternate name for the plagioclase series of feldspars. In petrology, the plagioclase series are defined based on their percentage of albite (Ab) to anorthite (An). Compositions of individual samples are usually written as An24Ab76 meaning in this case that it is 24% anorthite and 76% albite.

List of plagioclase group members as used in petrology. Define plagioclase feldspar. plagioclase feldspar synonyms, plagioclase feldspar pronunciation, plagioclase feldspar translation, English dictionary definition of plagioclase feldspar.

Any of a series of triclinic feldspars that are a common constituent of rocks, plagioclase; plagioclase feldspar; plagioclastic; plagioclimax; Plagionite. The lower photographs shows two distinctive features of some plagioclase feldspars. Irridescence is the beautiful peacock coloured reflections from cleavage surfaces.

Twinning striations are the very small, straight, parallel grooves on the cleavage surface From "Earth, An Introduction to Physical Geography". DETERMINATION OF CHEMICAL COMPOSITION, STATE OF ORDER, MOLAR VOLUME, AND DENSITY OF A MONOCLINIC ALKALI FELDSPAR USING X-RAY DIFFRACTION Guy L.

Hovis Department ofGeology Lafayette College Easton, PA [email protected] INTRODUCTION Alkali feldspars (commonly referred toas "potassium feldspars") are among File Size: 8MB. Intermediate (An An 48) plagioclase feldspars from the Nordre Strømfjord shear zone, central West Greenland, have undergone extensive ductile deformation by intracrystalline slip and by plagioclases were deformed under low granulite facies conditions.

Optical substructures include undulatory extinction, deformation bands, subgrains, and deformational Cited by: Spectro B, Francis LAB 9 - OPTICAL DETERMINATION OF PLAGIOCLASE COMPOSITIONS.

This week’s lab focuses on the plagioclase feldspars. The accurate determination of the composition of plagioclase feldspar is an essential part of any petrographic study because the An content of plagioclase decreases systematically with crystal.

Learn feldspar with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 71 different sets of feldspar flashcards on Quizlet. Elasticity of Plagioclase Feldspars Article in Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (2):n/a-n/a February with 50 Reads How we measure 'reads'.

1" Elasticity of Plagioclase Feldspars 2" J. Michael Brown 3" Department of Earth and Space Sciences 4" Box 5" University of Washington 6" Seattle, WA 7" [email protected] 8" 9" Ross J. Angel* 10" Virginia Tech Crystallography Laboratory 11" Department of Geosciences 12" Virginia TechFile Size: 2MB.

Sodium feldspar is albite (Na2O, Al2O3, 6SiO2) and calcium feldspar is anorthite (CaO, Al2O3, 2SiO2). A variety of crossed, hatched, twinned orthoclase (to be seen under the petrological microscope only) is called microcline. Sodium and calcium feldspars form an somorphous mixture known as plagioclase feldspars.

• Plagioclase feldspars exhibit features similar to those of alkali feldspars, but in most cases the features are more complicated.

Ordering is a factor as is exsolution. There may be as many as three or four solvi in the plagioclase series. Plagioclase exsolution is responsible for the “play of colors” observed in many laboradorite Size: 38KB.

Oligoclase and labradorite crystals have been experimentally replaced by albite in an aqueous sodium silicate solution at °C and 2 kbars. The replacement is pseudomorphic and is characterised by a sharp chemical interface which progresses through the feldspar while preserving the crystallographic orientation.

Reaction rims of albite, up to 50 μm thick, can be Cited by:. The crystal structure of An37 plagioclase was determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The compression mechanisms in An37 are similar to those in albite at lower pressures.

The softening in albite at higher pressures is therefore attributed to the structural shearing in albite that is absent in An37 plagioclase up to by: 3.Al and Si between the tetrahedral sites have only a small effect on the bulk moduli of plagioclase feldspars [Sochalski-Kolbus et al., ].

BROWN ET AL. ELASTICITY OF PLAGIOCLASE FELDSPARS 1 PUBLICATIONS Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth RESEARCH ARTICLE /JB Key Points: † Elastic properties of plagioclase mineral.Plagioclase Labradorite.

Comments: Dual view of a cleavage fragment of labradorite showing the multi-colored labradorescence (schiller effect) and the same area viewed without the color is due to optical interference on Bøggild exsolution lamellae. Location: Ihosy, Betroka district, Toliara Province, : Picture size 3x3 cm.